Four-generation community

Four-generation community

Introduction of Pudu’s Four-generation community & Lifestyle



  • Four generations in the same community is an embodiment of Chinese culture and tradition
  • National shareholding
  • Local community leader management, truly localized management
  • 5G fully covered
  • Work from home
  • Learn from home


Taking care of my parents, and then others parents.


A small country with less population, even if they have the equipment to handle hundreds or thousands, they don’t use, let people respect their lives and do not migrate. Even if they have ship and cars, nobody want to use. Even if they have armor and weapons, they do not display them. Let people go back to the age of knotting rope to memory history. Make their food good, their cloth beautiful, their home comfortable, enjoy their tradition. They can watch their neighboring country, they can hear the sounds of the dogs and cock, but they never visit other people living in the other country.


Reasons for the concept of Pudu New Four generations Community

First: The population structure is developing in the direction of more aging population but less children. The continued pressure on young inflows from large cities has made late marriage, non-marriage and low fertility rates the norm.

Second: Metropolises produce uneconomic phenomena such as “urban diseases”. The city’s polarized development has caused the continuous rise in land prices in central cities, and has caused problems such as congestion and long commuting times. In addition, for large-scale disasters that are unknown in the future, the degree of risk for the entire population has increased greatly. Now we see the Covid-19 pandemic.

Third: Long-term population agglomeration in metropolises may not be conducive to innovation and diversification. The concentration of high-level knowledge talents in the geographical location will increase the diversity of the metropolitan area in the short term, but will increase the knowledge consensus in the long term, but may lose the diversity of knowledge (the total population is increasing but the number of patent applications in the past years is decreasing).

Fourth: Local cities and towns have long been underpopulated and economically depressed. The attraction of young people in metropolitan areas makes local cities and towns lack young labor and vigorous consumption power, which prevents localities from creating more quality jobs. Many economies depend on medical well-being, wholesale and retail, food and accommodation services, and investment will form in the long run. The vicious circle of reduction and brain drain.

The purpose of the new four generation community is to overcome the hollowing of towns and villages.

Young people can find their own space for development in the same community of the four generations, without having to leave their parents, family and friends.


The location of the community

The first is the basis of consensus

The community of four generations is a completely new concept and an extension of traditional Chinese wisdom. Confucius said that parents are there, not traveling far, and traveling must be well established. In fact, according to the current human life expectancy, it has reached more than 80 years old. At this time, their children were already about 60 years old, basically they couldn’t, and they didn’t need to move. And this will have high requirements for new local job opportunities, otherwise it is impossible to retain young people to develop locally.

We learned that the location of the relevant community in Japan is the old national hospital that was chosen to be closed, which was redesigned and built.

Our Pudu-related communities will choose areas with a good membership base, low cost of living, and beautiful places to build communities.


Set in the community

There are a number of elderly residential households, and of course there are other residents. The community is well equipped. At the beginning, there were hot springs, community restaurants, convenience stores, body and beauty salons, cooking classrooms, toddler facilities, schools, playgrounds, pet outdoor areas, and other communication venues. To allow different generations and different ethnic groups to chat and talk here, but also rent to students and young people at a cheap price, allowing students to set up many club activities to interact with the elderly and young children in the community. In addition, people with disabilities are also hired to do simple jobs and live in harmony with each other.


The Pudu four generations community will be a community with complex functions. The residential facilities are divided into facilities for children with disabilities, housing for the elderly, and housing for students. In addition, it provides additional day care for the elderly, community visit care, child development support centers, prenatal and postnatal care, and after-school child care; in addition, there are commercial supporting service facilities such as music classrooms, sports classrooms, and art galleries. Unlike common communities divided into buildings, Pudu Community deliberately breaks the boundaries and mixes houses of different generations together. Each block is not separated by any fences, but connected by streamlined trails. To create natural movements and allow residents to feel each other’s life.


Break the barriers, symbiosis with the original community, revitalize the community space

The overall planning of the Pudu four generations community is planned to take a year or so and make extensive decisions after soliciting opinions from member communities. If only a handicapped child or an elderly person stays in a place, it will still make people think that it is an institution with special care needs. How to integrate Pudu community into the local community and create communication is more important than just a closed-door care institution. we want to design in time to actively invite residents to participate.

Breaking the barriers of facilities and coexisting with the original community is the consistent philosophy of the same- town community of Pudu. Promote disability employment services, utilize abandoned warehouse, unused space station, the development of wine, ranch, restaurants, spas and other undertakings, not only can create hundreds of job opportunities for disabled persons, management positions also may be the social center of the local population, succeeded in breaking The boundary between normal and obstacle.




Invite different organizations to stay together to create better services


The Pudu four generations community invites different organizations and groups to settle in and create diverse services. In 2007, WHO published the “Guidelines for Friendly Cities for the Elderly”, which proposed “respect for the elderly and social integration, social participation, barrier-free and safe public spaces, transportation, housing, communication and information, community and health services, work and volunteer services.” eight indicators , Pudu seek to find like-minded partners, a collection of everyone’s expertise together to build a better community. When the community residents hope to have after-school security classes, they find an organization “nature school” that specializes in taking children to play in the wild; residents need to relax physically and mentally, they introduce a “massage salon” that uses pesticide-free herbs; local childcare generations The proportion is high, and midwives are also invited to open “prenatal and postnatal centers” to join together.

The four generations of the same community pay special attention to the rights and interests of people with disabilities, which also reflects the characteristics of the store. For example, a certain percentage of people with physical and mental disabilities are employed as employees in restaurants and bars; in addition, professional laundries also specialize in hiring the elderly and people with disabilities; at the same time, sports clubs in the community also meet the standard of “available for people with disabilities” .


Residents take the initiative to break the barriers between generations

Four generations in the same community is our greatest feature and the embodiment of traditional Chinese ideas.

But it is not enough to provide services alone. Expert research has found that the frequency of going out and the number of conversations with people are positively related to the elderly suffering from dementia: “The higher the frequency of going out and talking, the lower the incidence rate, and the number of outings is less than two or three days. Once elderly, the risk of getting dementia is 3.49 times that of going out every day.” In addition, elderly people who have a clear life purpose, continue to participate in community activities, and have a job need not only a lower ratio of care, but also better health and longevity. Therefore, residents cannot just passively receive services. We hope that they can actively enter the Pudu community. For example, the day care services of ordinary workshops are for the disabled elderly, but the Pudu  community is completely open, healthy elderly and other age groups in the community can also participate, and implement the spirit of “mutual help and symbiosis”. Normal day care only recognizes caregivers and other disabled elderly people, but in fact the elderly need more contact and dialogue with different generations.

The participating residents are sometimes lecturers. The farmer who delivers food to our shop every day is very good at making window grilles, so he asked him to teach you. 』In addition, we also cooperate with other organizations. For example, there is an organization that assists elderly people living alone. We asked them to organize exchange activities here, so grandparents in the community can also participate.

Community also has produced into the local community residents in warm living ceremony, can play a role and help each other: What if, for too long not to hot springs, we’ll worry about whether out of the situation, to visit them. The increasing number of elderly people living alone is a good management method.

A complete community that includes the elderly, middle-aged, and children is a healthy community, a community with development potential, and a normal community.

In such a community, children understand the whole process of life, and the elderly can see vitality and future from the children, full of hope.

Young people do not need to stay away from their parents or their children. They have a stable income and their careers can develop.

The whole people’s shares, the traditional small shop “Pine Joint Store” is jointly operated by the elderly

The universal shareholder is another feature of Pudu community. The main investment of the community is provided by the company, and local community leaders, ordinary members, elderly residents, middle-aged and young people are all shareholders. Everyone invests in Pudu’s retirement time PTC, calculates the number of shares, and entrusts local community leaders to manage. Before the old man died, he passed on his PTC to future generations and children. The children may not have gone to school, they are already shareholders.


To give full play to the vitality of the elderly, the Pudu community’s traditional small shop ” Pine Joint Store”, all the goods ordering, store display, duty shop and so on are all handled by the elderly. Children with disabilities who stay in the community, children attending the “Nature School” after school, and children of local residents will go to the traditional shop, and naturally have exchanges with grandparents. It turns out that the surrounding community is centered on the core small family. Many children have never had the experience of getting along with the elderly. Some children once asked the administrator: Why do people become disgusting when they get older? This surprised him very much, so he paid special attention to the communication and understanding of the young and old generations.

To care for the elderly in the aging, dying in the care , Pudu advocate and promote ‘territorial overall care “, the integration of different resources of life support, health, care, etc., due to the realization of a universal form of shares, the elderly are not entirely dependent on the Purdue community Social welfare policy , middle-aged people have nearby jobs and careers, and even children may be shareholders. The community will not place too much emphasis on the elderly, and achieve real overall care for all ages. In addition to the elderly, they are also a world of children , people with disabilities, Even people who do not need medical care services are also an integral part of the community, and jointly build a complete, harmonious and natural community of the New Four generation.

Questions and answers about the Purdue IV community

  1. Who can participate in the investment of the Pudu four generations community?

On two conditions,

First, agree with the idea of ​​Pudu four generation sharing the same family, and have a consensus

Second, we have full ownership and recognize that we can invest in PTC

Third, the amount of investment is not limited


  1. What are the characteristics of Pudu four generation community?

Four generations in the same community, all ages in the community

Nursing homes are built in the community

All people owned

Management localization


  1. What is PTC?

PTC is Pudu’s retirement time, which can be one minute, one hour, one day, one month, one year, five years, and ten years.

PTC implements community transactions, that is, transactions in Pudu’s community

PTC is a payment tool, and PTC is the only payment tool in Pudu’s four generations community, used to purchase services

PTC is an investment tool. Pudu four generations  community accepts PTC investment and implements community ownership



There are some requirements about site selection

Because of the concept of our four generations living together, we will build nursing homes in mature communities. The reason is that

The elderly do not work, so they do not have high requirements on traffic and geographic location, while the young people have jobs, and they should not live too far from the work place or they can work from home 100%

If you have children, you need to consider your child’s education, and there are also requirements for the surrounding supporting facilities in the community, such as kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and university.

If the Pudu community is built in a place with good scenery and far away from the urban area, distance education needs to reach a certain popularity, otherwise young parents will still move out of the community to find a place with educational resources, that requires 5G fully covered.

After the outbreak, distance education may improve, but further observation is needed

Working from home is also a consideration, but some industries are not suitable for working from home, such as hospitals, such as factories

Based on the above considerations, the Pudu four generations community still needs to be located in a mature community with many members.